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SYNOPSISSpring, 1950, a market place. Book-nyo, a widow, roams the countryside selling medicines and potions. Her dire wish is to find a strong and energetic man. She sees Dol-bo, an ignorant, but physically strong young man in a wrestling lot. She seduces him and they begin to live together. From then on, Dol-bo does everything for her but in drum beating skills, he is no match for her. Soon she is pregnant with his child and they lead a content life together with Dol-bo working on the boats. But Book-nyo's wanton temperament ruins their life together and she abandons her daughter and husband. Twenty years later, old Book-nyo secretly watches her daughter's wedding. She realizes that Dol-bo really did love her and she revels in the truth. She picks up her drum, a symbol of their once happy life together, and starts off on her nomadic journey.故事1950年春季交易会Buknyeo失去丈夫前往省卖药是祈祷总是强大的西方出现。然后生病=注定生物简洁和头部的诚信,看到一个强大的基础来照顾的斗争buknyeo samneunda是引诱他到西方。代表关爱buknyeo的从那时起,它处理了所有的工作,但它不习惯于尽可能击中北buknyeo。突然buknyeo是专为幸福生活和工作的码头工人蝙蝠怀孕和照顾孩子照顾。Buknyeo生了一个女儿,谁住在真理逃逸无法克服与关心和女儿大脑欺骗性质的一段时间。20岁的buknyeo偷偷看了看流动的女儿的婚礼。她是孤独的,很高兴看到一个成年的女儿的喜爱实现照顾自己。但buknyeo的成本再进入道路,而徘徊在飘渺他们的书的爱。


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